What is A Naming Ceremony? If you’ve heard of them but aren’t exactly sure what they are? Then read on…

A Naming Ceremony is exactly as it sounds – a ceremony where you officially name your child(ren). Very similar to a Christening but usually without any religious content.

They are a lovely way to mark the arrival of a new baby, adopted child or children into the family. They can, for example, also be used to welcome the bending of two families where two parents come together with children from previous marriage.

Naming Ceremonies are becoming an ever more popular alternative to Christenings and other religious ceremonies. This is due to the flexibility of choice for the ceremony itself.

Naming Ceremonies & Blended Religions

The ceremony can contain religious elements such as hymns, prayers or be completely free from religion. Where I have conducted Naming Ceremonies with guests from a variety of religious backgrounds, I have asked each of them to give a reading that is special to them. It’s a lovely symbolic bestowing and helps to make everyone feel part of the ceremony.

Elements of the Naming Ceremony

The elements of a Naming Ceremony can vary hugely according to what you are looking for and what is special to you as a family.

In the non religious ceremonies, in place of Godparents many tend to opt for ‘Guardians’ as a lovely alternative.

One of my favourites is when I conduct a Naming Ceremony at the parents home and plant a tree. The tree symbolises the roots and growth of the child or children. I ask each of the guests to help add the soil. This symbolises their love and willingness to help care for, support and nurture the child or children as they grow.

Unique to Your family

What I love best about Naming Ceremonies is that I can make them completely unique to each family. From the variety of mini ceremonies I can create, to the writing of the service itself. Each element is designed according to the families wishes, therefore suggestions I make are based entirely on each individual family.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can create a bespoke Naming Ceremony for your family then please do get in touch.

Best wishes,