Is A Celebrant Ceremony A Legal Marriage? I’ve been asked many times whether a wedding ceremony performed by a Celebrant is a legal marriage. Therefore I thought this would be a great question to start off my blog answering…

Many couples believe for your ceremony you have two choices: 1. in your place of worship by a recognised minister, or 2. by a Registrar.

However there is also a third option – virtually anywhere you like by a Celebrant! Yes really, you can have you wedding ceremony on a river In the middle of a woodland. At the bottom of your garden. At the top of your favourite hill, the possibilities are vast.

Now imagine marrying the person you love. In the exact location you love. In a ceremony which has been created entirely just for you and  therefore is truly reflective of you both – perfect. So how do you make it legally binding…

The Legal Bit

For any marriage to be recognised in law as a legal marriage, it must be registered at your local registry office. This can be undertaken by selecting the basic appointment with the Registrar. This lasts on average around 10 minutes where you sign your marriage paperwork.

Costs can vary but you should expect to pay in the region of £50 for this. Most importantly you do not even have to exchange rings or your personal vows. These can be saved for your beautifully bespoke wedding ceremony,

The legal paperwork at the appointment at your local registrar office can be undertaken before or after your ceremony. Providing you have given the correct notices.


Many couples chose to attend the Registrar appointment the day before their ceremony. Therefore they can relax and enjoy their wedding ceremony the next day knowing everything has been taken care of. With this flexibility the choice for how you want your ceremony is yours.

If you’d like to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact me