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Exquisite Wedding Ceremonies

If you could choose anywhere to say your vows, where would it be? In a woodland softly lit by candle light? Under the stars at night? On a beach at sunset? Under your favourite tree at home? Or something a little more unconventional… Whatever your vision for your wedding, I can work with you to make it a reality. It’s simply your ceremony, your way.

Meaningful Naming Ceremonies

The arrival of a baby, child or children into your life can be one of the most exciting events and many families wish to mark this occasion in their own special way

A meaningful and personal naming ceremony which is either non religious or with religious elements included is a lovely way to gather friends and family together and celebrate this exciting adventure together.

Fabulous Farewells or Gentle Goodbyes

Saying goodbye is never easy. I understand the importance of ensuring you have the perfect fitting tribute for someone so special.

Whether it’s a ‘Fabulous Farewell’ or a “Gentle Goodbye’, you can be assured it will be both personal, fitting and carried out with the utmost respect.

Who Are Hummingbird Ceremonies

Hummingbird Ceremonies is run by Sarah Cole a Professional Celebrant, with the intention to provide you with beautiful, bespoke ceremonies for all of life’s Rites of Passage.

Exquisitely personal wedding ceremonies, gorgeously glorious naming ceremonies, gentle goodbyes or fabulous farewells, Sarah can create a ceremony which is both personal and fitting for you and your occasion.

Sarah’s a strong supporter of equality, a romantic and always up for a challenge! Quirky, Rock ‘n’ roll, classic, new age, space age, fancy dress, religious, non-religious – whatever your style or faith, Sarah can provide you with the perfect ceremony to reflect you as a couple, an individual or a loved one.

Professional, personal and with meticulous attention to detail, Hummingbird Ceremonies are here to support you every step of the way. If there is something you would like to discuss then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer a free consultation and would love to know how we can help.

Sarah holds full Public Liability Insurance and travels both nationally and internationally

What Is A Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a person who can provide meaningful ceremonies without restriction of legal or religious boundaries. Without the legal or religious constraints, Celebrants can create and provide you with the exact ceremony which reflects you or your loved one exactly as you would like it – it’s your ceremony, your way.

Weddings require a legal ceremony which can be conducted in a 10 minute basic appointment at your local registry office. During this appointment you will sign the legal paperwork but will not have to exchange your wedding rings or personal vows, leaving these for your bespoke wedding ceremony which you can share with your family and friends, making it truly personal.

Funerals have no legal requirement therefore you are free to choose between a religious or a non religious ceremony, both of which a Celebrant can provide for you. There are a variety of ways in which you can hold your funeral these days, so don’t feel obliged to follow the traditional route if this isn’t reflective of you or your loved one. Should you want any advice on options and choices then we’d be delighted to provide this free of charge, just let us know.


If you would like to discuss your ceremony requirements in more details then please do not hesitate to get in touch at,  I would be delighted to discuss in more detail how together we could create your perfect ceremony. 


“We did it! Thank you so much for creating such a lovely service – and for steadying my nerves, you really helped to put me at ease.”

Anna S

“Thank you for the thoughtful service you delivered for Chris. It was a difficult day but you helped make it a wonderful send off.I won’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Lizzy C

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